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Traceable VERs - Soil & More Reliance Cape Town Composting

Project Details

Project name:Soil & More Reliance Cape Town Composting
Project owner:Soil & More International B.V.
Country:South Africa
Scope:Waste Handling and Disposal
Description:The Carbon Credits are generated through a specially developed composting technology that helps to address some of the worlds’ biggest environmental and agricultural problems (soil degradation, climate change through increased carbon dioxide emissions, the excessive use of water, and the increasing amount of waste). Soil & More is one of the first companies in the world generating verified emission reductions from organic composting. The compost is made using unwanted and superfluous waste plant and animal material (mainly municipal greens, as well as garden and park waste), most of which is currently dumped and left to rot anaerobically, thus constituting a threat to the environment and emitting methane. Soil & More’s special composting technology avoids these methane emissions whilst producing a mechanically aerated high quality compost product, providing farmers with an alternative to increasingly expensive fertilizers, creating employment and contributing to sustainable agriculture.
Validation Report2009-04-07_FVR_Composting_SA__VAL_.pdf (PDF, 410 KB)
Monitoring Periods:
StartEndVerifierStandardretired VERsVERs for sale 
2008-05-012008-10-31TUV NORD CERT GmbHTÜVNORD Standard3,692 t0 tview

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