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Traceable VERs - User FAQ


LinksymbolWhat are traceable VERs?
LinksymbolHow this website ( helps you?
LinksymbolIs it possible to offer traceable VERs to potential clients?
LinksymbolWhom to contact if I need assistance?
LinksymbolHow it works, viewing VER details?
LinksymbolWhat you can do as a user?

What are traceable VERs?

What are traceable VERs? In parallel to the established project based mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol (JI and CDM), the voluntary carbon market (VCM) has been expanded rapidly in recent past. The resultant emission reductions of voluntary carbon projects are known as Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER).

The recognition of VERs as credible emission reduction credits is largely dependent on the degree of the assurance that the issuance of VERs is unique and traceable. For this newly arising market segment this assurance has so far been a major problem with influence on the VER market prices.
As TÜV NORD is one of the leading VER verification entities (as an officially accredited DOE) the carbon certification team of TÜV NORD has addressed this problem and developed a comprehensive security system that allows the tracking and tracing of VER certificates.

This is done by adding certain properties to the VER certificates and to publish the corresponding information. Certificates with this properties are named as Traceable VERs (T-VER).

How this website ( helps you?

VER owner

  • Public demonstration of green credentials
  • Public assurance of VER ownership
  • Offering VERs to potential buyers.
  • Provision of information access to desired external person using special access codes

VER buyer

  • Security of ownership available publicly
  • Knowledge of project information which led to GHG reductions
  • Know which VER is available for sale
  • Source of information about the project

Is it possible to offer traceable VERs to potential clients?

Yes, owners of traceable VERs can administrate the online version of the certificate and declare the total amount or parts of it as for sale. Furthermore this website offers elaborate features to disclose specific information to potential clients upon request, without disclosing information to the public in general.

Whom to contact if I need assistance?

In the event of any support required click on Linksymbolcontact TUV Nord or email: Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Our latest telephone number is also available on the website.

How it works, viewing VER details?

The information made available for the public can be defined by the user as:

Public information: the public section includes the minimum level of information to guarantee the required transparency in trading with VERs. This information includes: project name, project scope, monitoring period, Verification and certification of GHGs provider, etc.

Confidential information: includes additional information in respect to the project or VERs generation like ownership of VER, VER sale status, Year specific VERs, type of GHG reduced, etc.

It may me noted that the user can make public the elements of confidential information if desired. This will only help in increasing the transparency of the project (and price of VERs fetched).

What you can do as a user?

As a user you can do many things. But first is to gain familiarity with the Certificate Security Key (CSK).

The CSK identifies the unique VER certificate . The CSK is also printed on the original certificate issued to the VER owner.

Only the entity that is registered in TÜV Nord database as owner and at the same time holding the physical certificate is considered as a certificate owner.

Please note that the CSK is also the user ID issued to the VER owner to gain access to his website. The CSK is accompanied with a unique system generated encrypted password. The project confidential information section(s) are marked with a keysymbol. By clicking on "view" beside the keysymbol, a prompt box opens which requires entering the certificate security key.

Using the CSK and password you gain complete access to the project and VER certificate information.

As a user you can do the following:

  1. Contact TUV Nord
  2. Mark certificate as for sale or not for sale
  3. Grant access to an external person
1. Contact TUV Nord

This is probably the most used feature. It enables you to communicate directly with TUV Nord related to any aspect of website support like informing change in name.

2. Mark certificate as for sale or not for sale

This option can be exercised by clicking on the button "mark this certificate as for sale". Vice versa to mark the certificate as not for sale just click the button again.

The sale or not for sale information is also publicly visible. Furthermore other visitors of this website can retrieve data according to this criterion.

3. How to grant access to an external person?

The owner has the competence to enable temporary access to an external person, for instance a prospective buyer. Therefore a Security Access Code (SAC) is generated automatically by the website software at the request of the VER owner.

As a user you can grant temporary access in the following simple manner:

  1. Click on the link "grant access to an external person". Fill the registration form requiring details of whom you want to grant access (necessary data are marked with *), time duration till when access is to be given etc.
  2. Confirm details and security norms by marking necessary check boxes. Herewith you will accept the transmission of the unique TUV Nord SAC only via telephone, fax or personally.
  3. The SAC is automatically generated and shown to you.
  4. An email is automatically sent by the website to the designated guest giving a personalised unique web-link under which the guest can log in using the SAC. The link is only valid for the time duration entered in the registration form. Note that the SAC would not be sent in this mail. The SAC has to be communicated by you as described in step 2.

It is possible for you to grant access to more than one person. For doing this, just repeat the 4 steps given above. For all your accesses you will find corresponding information on the right side of the page.

The access is provided to the designated guest till the defined time duration specified by you. However in case you want to withdraw the access to the website before the expiry of the timeline just click on the hyperlink "Delete Access", which is located directly below the person for whom you want to withdraw access.


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