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Traceable VERs - Introduction


 To build confidence in the VERs and to reduce transaction costs, TUV NORD has developed a transparent website based instrument to increase the trust in the VERs.

The concept of “Traceable VER Registry” is to increase credibility and integrity of VERs arising from greenhouse gas mitigation projects in the voluntary offset market by adding identification and traceability features. The basic idea is, that VER credits that have been issued are uniquely identifyable and certain certificate information is disclosed to the public. Apart from mandatory information the credit owner can decide which kind of additional project information (e.g. PDD, monitoring report, owner, No. of credits) should be revealed to the public.

Furthermore this website can also be used as a marketplace for VERs as certificate owners can launch the information whether their certificates are offered for sale. Features have also been included for certificate owners allowing to disclose confidential information to potential credit buyers.

Traceable VERs are compatible with all kinds of credible VER standards and are not limited to TÜV NORD as verification entity.

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